• I am a health infrastructure partner in the commercial and infrastructure department.  I also head up and lead the team for Strategic Estates Partnership work.

    I have extensive experience of leading and advising on complex public private partnership (PPP) procurements in Health and Local Government. I lead on the delivery and structuring of EU procurement processes for PPPs and innovative joint venture arrangements, including Strategic Estate Partnerships (SEPs) and Local Asset Backed Vehicles (LABVs).
    I was lead advisor on the first major (£430 million) acute health PFI scheme to use Competitive Dialogue and the application of HM Treasury guidance on senior debt funding competitions and I continue to advise the public sector on large acute PFIs and smaller community PFI/PPP transactions still in procurement and on operational PFI/PPP matters.

    Following my secondment to Community Health Partnerships (CHP), established to deliver the NHS LIFT initiative, one of the largest public/private sector joint venture arrangements to have been initiated in England to invest in primary and community health and social care infrastructure, I was a key member of the Bevan Brittan team that structured and drafted the standard LIFT contract and procurement documentation. I have also been responsible for further updates to the standard LIFT documentation, liaising closely with the Department of Health and CHP.  I have been the day to day Bevan Brittan lead on over 35 NHS LIFT schemes since 2003 and I continue to provide strategic advice on new projects as well as ongoing matters.

    I currently lead our team on the procurement of a number of innovative joint venture arrangements including Strategic Estate Partnerships (SEPs) in Health and Local Asset Backed Vehicles (LABVs) in Local Government which combine leisure, housing and complex infrastructure projects using the Competitive Dialogue procedure for regeneration.


    I have contributed articles to the Health Investor magazine and Health Service Journal.