• Modern HR and workforce strategy increasingly encompasses the use of a responsive, agile workforce, outside the traditional employer / employee model. Whilst new technology is constantly evolving the way in which suppliers and hirers utilise their workforce, this ever changing landscape operates within a relatively static pre-existing legal and regulatory framework.

    Our team has experience of advising on the full range of issues relating to all types of atypical and contingent workforce modelling. We seek to facilitate the utmost flexibility for our clients, working creatively to meet our client's needs within legal and regulatory requirements.  Our team's experience encompasses all aspects of modern 'gig' working and contingent workforce planning, including:

    • taxation treatment
    • IR35
    • TUPE issues
    • navigating employment versus worker classification
    • equal pay
    • pensions issues.

    We advise on the full range of workforce models, including:

    • agency workers
    • casual workers
    • consultants
    • self-employed contractors
    • intermediary companies
    • zero-hours / 'gig' contracting.

    We get balanced views and honest appraisals of situations. When we have had difficult situations and wanted to take a specific course of action they haven't shied away from those difficult conversations.


    Working with clients

    We pride ourselves on our ability to give you advice in the right commercial and policy context, with a practical focus.

    We are regularly praised for our down to earth, solution focussed approach. Whilst we are careful to provide thorough and well- reasoned advice, it will be couched in terms that can be readily understood: the options will be clearly laid out, with a recommended pathway identified and linked to likely outcomes. We do not believe in sitting on the fence.

    We provide a friendly, responsive service to our clients, recognising the often urgent nature of employment law advice. We are always happy to talk through any formal written advice before it is provided, whether in person or over the telephone. We provide approachable support for day-to-day queries, whether 'helpline' style or in person. When it comes to the potentially stressful court or tribunal environment, we are on hand to provide support every step of the way, for all those involved.  

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