• I am a liability specialist handling a wide range of liability claims on behalf of insurers and local government clients. My experience includes over five years of handling matters in areas such as employers' liability, the Highways Act, hearing loss and property damage. I now run a mixed caseload of claims ranging from low value soft-tissue injuries, to serious fractures and psychiatric disorders. In dealing with this spread of claims, I am well versed in achieving outcomes that are in line with the client's needs and objectives. I also advise on criminal proceedings which often run concurrently with civil claims. I aim to offer clear and commercial advice, dealing with claims efficiently and effectively. I focus on solutions, considering all aspects of the claim with the client's objectives in mind, rather than simply allowing claims to run their course. This often means considering alternative means of resolving claims and considering how to deal with each claim in a holistic manner, ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum.

Roger's areas of expertise